Esports Digital Marketing

By gamers, for gamers. Innovative and cutting edge solutions to ensure that EVERYONE knows your brand.

Social Media Strategy

We have worked with professional level esports teams to unlock the full potential of their brand in this emerging and fast-paced market! Unlock the efficient and powerful reach of social media to produce high quality and targeted content that sells tickets, builds your email list, and connects you with the right audience.

Web Presence and SEO

Focus Energy on High Quality Content

Ever hear the saying, “spray and pray.” Well, most brands “post and pray,” as they try to guess what their audience is is seeking. We’ll come up with a heavy duty support package that helps you focus ONLY on the hottest trends.

Join Us in Battle!

Please send us a message that describes your team, project, and potential budget. We’ll let you know if you are a great fit. We encourage esports businesses of all sizes to inquire.

4 + 3 =

Digital marketing for esports is a growing niche that requires both marketing experience and understanding of the gaming industry. WitBlade founder Ryan was a semi-pro Counter Strike player and likely would have made it his career had it existed back in the day! 

We understand the lingo, the influencers and the constantly changing competitive landscape. We stick to the fundamentals of SEO and online advertising while keeping up with the meteoric rise of esports. If you want to feel extremely confident in our abilities, just fill out the form our give us a call and ask about our gaming knowledge. I think you will be impressed!