North Wales PA SEO Expert

North Wales SEO Expert

WitBlade is the top North Wales SEO specialist and online marketing strategist. In today’s world, the internet can be a tremendous ally in the search for new customers while promoting brand awareness.  The phrase “Google it” is becoming part of our lexicon and without question hundreds or thousands of eyeballs are directed to certain web pages that are determined to be relevant.

Think of your web page as your “sales guy” working 24/7. With the proliferation of mobile devices, someone could be searching for your product or service at nearly any time of day, and unless you are making a strong effort to assert your authority or relevance, your competitors will handily take all of the potential leads.

SEO & Social Media

It must be first understood that SEO is a long-term strategy. There are very few “get-found” or “get-rich-quick” schemes that work anymore, as search algorithms become more complex and begin to weed out sites that simply did not take the time to earn their authority or credibility.

Every business should take the appropriate steps, no matter how small, to maintain a professional web presence. This not only includes your branded website, but also your social media strategy. Whether you like to use Facebook or Twitter for personal use is irrelevant – people gather on these sites to talk about “stuff.” All day, every day.  Implementing an automated and well thought out strategy can produce outstanding results and will raise your credibility in the eyes of Google.

WitBlade specializes in marketing and SEO, located in North Wales, PA.  Our goal is simple – bring leads to your business using clever strategies to market your brand on the web.

Look – marketing is the backbone of any business. You should have a strategy regardless of how small or large your budget may be, as every business needs new customers.

Drive people to your website. Keep them around. Grow your brand.