Search Engine Optimization

Technical SEO

There are standard best practices for all websites when it comes to search engine discoverability.

Is your website in compliance? Does your mobile site allow people to browse your content?

Find out by working with experts with over 10 years experience.

Content Strategy & Keyword Research

Most people "post and pray." They write content they think  people are looking for, and pray people find it.

Would you rather know what people are searching for, and then greatly increase the chances that they find it?

 Let's create some winning content!

Link Building

When other website mention your website, it can be very beneficial.

We'll reach out to industry leaders or relevant influencers to help increase the chances that your helpful content is discovered.

Our approach is 100% white hat with zero risk of search engine penalties.

Philadelphia SEO Agency WitBlade offers the following services to gain new customers:

  • Local SEO
  • Content strategy and planning
  • Online presence audit and boost
  • Video SEO


Some websites suffer from Google Penguin and Panda penalties, though they don’t even realize it. An experienced marketing professional can review your site to determine if you are in need of a recovery.

Even if you are running Google Adwords, chances are you are losing out on a lot of traffic on the organic side.

Work with Semantic Search Expert Ryan Rodden

Ask to speak with Ryan Rodden – SEO expert and WitBlade founder. It will be the only phone call you will have to make!

Ryan is a frequent speaker at local search engine optimizer Meetups and will always take the time to listen to your ideas.

He has a background in screenwriting, filmmaking, and a decade of internet marketing and agency experience.

An obsessive nature and the will to win is what keeps him going in a world where constant change is needed.

There is no cookie-cutter approach for every business. There are industry standard best practices, but the strategy itself should be molded to fit the specific business niche.

Where online video works for one company, it is totally inappropriate for the next. Local businesses will benefit greatly from location based searches whereas an e-commerce store may not need it.