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EcoHealth Wellness (Tiffany Jackson)

This proposal defines the necessary steps to consolidate the web presence of,, and a Shopify store under one umbrella. Initial discovery shows that the best domain to use would be due to existing equity built up.

It was also suggested to use the WordPress installation from under the domain.

Scope of Services

The following services are included in this proposal.

Consolidation of Domains

This is the bulk of the initial work. We would move forward with, and use the installation from

Ongoing SEO & Web Presence Optimization

Month to month we will put together a content plan to utilize existing content as well as create new content based on keyword research and trends.

Web Hosting

Hosting services will be provided for the websites and This includes ongoing maintenance, security, and email routing. User access can be granted with permission from Tiffany Jackson. Maintenance includes plugin updates, Wordpress updates, site speed checks, and general oversight of website usability. Backups are taken daily, and "rainy day" backups are taken weekly, exported to an alternative server ensuring there are two ways to retrieve a backup if needed. If there is a need to change hosting in the future, the website can be easily exported and reinstalled on a new host. DNS settings would need to be updated as needed. A representative for the new host would be granted access to transfer the websites.

YouTube Optimization

Time and effort will be dedicated to optimizing YouTube videos, which can be a great source of organic traffic.

Google Business Management

Management of the Google business dashboard for any physical store locations.

NOT Included

• Facebook Ads • Google Ads • Social media profile management

Your Investment

Web Presence Consulting, SEO, and UX Improvements - 3 months (paid)
Web Hosting (yearly)

Total: $204

Approve Proposal

If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

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