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Jasper's Web Consulting & Social Media Advertising

Jasper’s Backyard and Jasper’s Westside are looking to make improvements to their overall web presence, with adjustments to their website, social media, and Google presence.

Scope of Services

In order to make improvements to the website, social media, and Google presence, a strategy must be created to identify areas of need. This includes website user experience, accuracy of information, social media advertising, and overall consistency across brand messaging. For best results, we request website and Google business access to help monitor tasks and services. This requires lower level access and not "owner" level access, but this is up to Jasper's management to decide. A monthly consulting package with an optional social media advertising add-on is recommended, with the following included:

- Full audit of all web properties

Includes technical setup, tracking pixels, analytics, email capture with Mailchimp, and user experience recommendations especially for mobile devices.

- Training of staff

Internal staff can be trained or briefed on relevant tasks. Efficient and consistent processes can be put in place to ensure success over the long term.

- Monthly in-person strategy meeting

At least one meeting per month with the sole purpose of reviewing the previous month's tasks, what has been accomplished, and any updates on new promotional features that could be utilized.

- Management of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ad campaigns (optional)

Once tracking pixels and analytics are installed, direct advertising campaigns should be launched to keep Conshohocken residents informed and the brand top of mind. This includes remarketing to people that visited any of the restaurant websites. With this optional service, the campaigns will be set up and managed on your behalf.

- Open door policy

Call anytime for help!

Your Investment

Billed monthly.

Monthly Consulting
Social Media Ad Management (optional)

Total: $1396

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