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Website Build & Google Business Management - Mike Talotta

This project entails the creation of a professional website for a handyman and home maintenance business targeting customers near Ocean City, NJ.

The goal is to increase awareness of the business through Google organic search in the targeted service areas. The project includes a website build, Google Business profile setup, and installation of basic analytic tracking.

Website Build

The first phase of the project will be to create a professional and modern website that works well on all mobile devices. The site will be designed for ease of use, readability, and contactability using the Wordpress platform. The client will provide content that describes the business philosophy, services provided, and contact information. Images of the team as well as portfolio images of past work are highly recommended. Timeliness of asset delivery will determine the overall project timeline and delivery. The client will provide at least two brand colors to use, which can be provided in HEX format using a website such as This phase will be the majority of the work. • Mobile first, easy-to-use website that gets right to the point • Designed with Google searchability in mind, with the ability to be flexible and swift with updates • Analytic data from day one can be used to assess traffic and determine next steps for the business

Google Business Management

A vital step in the project will be to create a Google Business listing, which can be completed in parallel to the website build. Instructions and guidance will be provided. The client can assign Ryan Rodden as a manager on the profile, allowing for a "hands off" approach. Business and portfolio photos are essential for proper completion of this profile. The profile will be managed on a monthly basis, updating the content as needed and implementing any new features that Google offers. This dashboard also provides critical business analytics we can use to follow the progress of the web presence expansion.

Essential SEO (search engine optimization)

This service really shines from our ability to implement expert level SEO best practices from day one. As we design the website and add the content, we will implement advanced techniques for website discovery in Google and other search engines. This requires content and technical setup that many competitors lack. We believe this is our highest value offering and is guaranteed to be extremely high quality.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics will be installed on the website to track customer web visits, calls, and contact conversions.

Logo Design (optional)

We can help design a logo for the business, but this is not required if you have another solution. Using some ideas from your team, we can combine the brand colors with an logo that accurately portrays the philosophy and mindset of the business.

Not Included

• Social media profile setup or management (example: Facebook, YouTube) • Google or social media paid advertising campaigns

Client References

Feel free to ask the following people about past work:

Website & SEO

Kyle Southerling (SEO, website management, social media) - (215) 771-1551 David Caracausa (website build, management) - (215) 699-2600 Greg Gudis (website build, management) - (215) 435-6527 Brian Dainis (SEO) - (215) 850-7806

Your Investment

The project budget is paid 50% up front, and 50% on completion. After the project is finished, there is a $15 per month hosting fee for maintenance and updates. This can also be paid yearly for $175 per year. This budget does *not* include logo design.

Website Build
Google Business Creation

Total: $3500

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