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Mother Compost

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Mother Compost is looking to increase their web and SEO presence. The goal is to increase leads and customer inquiries through organic and map search in Google.

Scope of Services

SEO & Web Presence Expansion WitBlade will be responsible for the SEO growth of Mother Compost. This includes management of the current website, the current Google Business profile, keyword research, and content planning. We will directly edit essential aspects of the website such as HTML code and meta information, but will not change brand related content without prior approval from Mother Compost (example - an "About Us" page). Access to the business website and Google Business profile are required. This proposal only includes the services list in bold below, and does NOT include pay-per-click ads, video marketing, or social media management and marketing.

- One monthly check-in call to review progress and business strategy

- Recommendations on how to create unique and shareable content based on keyword research

- Adding proper keywords and best practices to the existing website

- Adding structured data code to the existing website (otherwise known as code)

- Management of Google Analytics

- Ongoing SEO adjustments and maintenance

- User experience recommendations and changes

- Immediate implementation of new Google features as they are released

- "Open door" policy - call any time!

Your Investment

SEO & Web Presence Management - Month 1

Total: $1000

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