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DC Self Storage, Harris Lake Boat Storage, Packman Mobile Storage

Harris Lake Boat Storage, DC Self Storage, and Packman Mobile Storage are looking to enhance their web presence across search engines.

This proposal outlines the necessary steps to bring the websites up to speed using industry standard best practice, consistent content creation, and management of Google Business properties on a monthly basis.

The plan is to modernize the current websites with the latest version of WordPress, the most popular CMS tool on the web. This upgrade will allow much better management of content, analytics, and SEO. It will also make dcselfstorage.com mobile friendly, while ensuring that harrislakeboatstorage.com and packmanmobilestorage.com remain mobile optimized.

Once all sites are upgraded, all work will be toward ongoing web presence management on a monthly basis, including search engine optimization and Google business updates.

A fourth domain is possible and is not included in this proposal.

Scope of Services

This section outlines the project in specific detail with action items and goals.

Website Overhaul & Wordpress Upgrade

The three domains will be modernized with Wordpress, on a rolling basis. The client will provide the priority order for website relaunch. • Current domains will be moved to hosting under our management • Staging/demo sites will be created to build out the newly created websites • Existing assets (logos, graphics) will be used as needed, but we recommend supplying as many options as possible • On a rolling basis, websites will be upgraded to the latest version of Wordpress (currently 5.5.1) • Google Analytics and conversion tracking will be installed to help steer business related decisions and future digital marketing spend • Essential SEO practice will be put in place from Day 1 • Open door policy (call anytime), bi-weekly scheduled calls

Google Business Management

While the sites are being overhauled, we can begin to work on the Google Business properties. This includes: • Auditing all aspects of the profile for each business, including images, services, photos, reviews, and post updates • Photo optimization using the most attractive photos possible to showcase the business • Monthly management and implementation of new features released by Google • Weekly or bi-weekly Google post updates, depending on availability of information • Implement easy review system for customers to leave a review after a successful sale Required level of access: Google Business "Manager"

Ongoing Web Presence Management

The websites require specific action items requested by Google. • Ongoing website metadata and SEO optimizations - completely "hands off" • Image optimization for better discovery in Google image search • Keyword research to discover current trends and determine what specifically people need. This includes boat related services, storage services, or anything relevant to the businesses • Content pages will be added to each website outlining these topics in specific detail. Note: client expertise and involvement will be required • Interpreting analytics to determine the most highly visited pages, record conversions, and improve conversion rate • Implementation of social media or Google pixels in preparation for banner remarketing campaigns. These banners run only to people that have been to your website but did not convert. Does NOT include Google or Bing search PPC. • General recommendations on improving look and feel of the website based on prior knowledge of successful projects • YouTube optimization can be included depending on the needs of the business • Ongoing management of Google Business

Schedule & Timing

Each website overhaul should take 1.5-2 months.

Estimated Timeline:

Based on current budget and effort.

All sites modernized
February 2021

Your Investment

This service runs monthly and can be cancelled at any time. Recommended timeline is 6 months for best results.

Website Redesign & Web Presence Management (monthly)
Hosting, Security, & Maintenance (monthly)

Total: $1560

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