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TFC Tuition Financing

TFC Tuition Financing is looking to increase their web presence in search engines. Due to the nature of the business, highly targeted searches with known user intent are needed in order to bring in relevant leads. An initial website evaluation, keyword research, and content tune-up is required to achieve their goals.

It appears that many of the current keyword rankings are branded in nature. The goal would be to bring in broader terms for discoverability.

Web Presence & SEO Optimization

Using industry standard best practices and a smart content plan, we will strive to gain discoverability within search intent that is relevant to the business.

Keyword Research

The most critical aspect of any content strategy is keyword research to determine search volume, search intent, and competition. This will help chart a path for ongoing content creation as well as optimizations that can be made to the current website. For example - if "student loans" is too broad and competitive, which searches should we go after?

Google Analytics Audit

Google Analytics will be evaluated to determine if proper goal tracking is in place, what pages are the most visited, and whether there is opportunity to increase traffic internally via linking or calls to action. Misconfigurations can lead to poor understanding of your current traffic, and these will be corrected if found.

Website Tune-Up

Once there is a clear picture of the necessary content and keywords, existing content will be updated to reflect the findings. This includes direct edits to website meta information (title tags, headers, content, images, URLs) and any other web properties that showcase the business.

Consulting & "Open Door" Policy

We believe in a "call as needed" help line scenario. If you have questions or need help making strategic decisions about digital marketing, you can utilize our expertise to help you come to the best conclusion possible.

Your Investment

This is a one time project.

Web Presence & SEO Optimization

Total: $1500

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