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Where’s My Website?

Most people simply do not understand search engine optimization. In fact, SEO has gotten a bad wrap in recent years due to the amount of unqualified individuals that have entered the field. In all honesty, if you are not willing to put in 10-12 hours per day working with or learning about internet search, then you do not stand a chance in today’s world.

Seriously. It takes so much time and dedication to get to the level of understanding required to really know the industry standard best practices. If you haven’t conducted hundreds if not thousands of experiments in the Google playground, then you in all likelihood are not prepared to even discuss search engine volatility and unpredictability.

The goal of SEO is not simply to post and pray. The idea is to build out a large and sustainable web presence that continually expands over time. You need to think about leveraging more than just your website to gain any ground on the competition and establish authority and dominance. Online marketing is quite the challenge, but it wouldn’t be worth doing if it wasn’t.

What if your site is already in the penalty box? That’s an entirely different animal that also requires a high level of specialization to master. Fortunately, we have had plenty of experience reviving websites that were left for dead. And by the way, there are some situations where your site is toast, and it’s time to move on. It’s better to know that as soon as possible before you burn time and money trying to breathe life into something that is long gone.

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Build Your Fortress

It’s quite simple. The internet is massive, powerful, influential, and here to stay. If you operate a business at this point in time you absolute MUST have a website. Potential customers, followers, and fans will be far more willing to trust you if you have somewhere for them to go when they search your brand name.

Technology has quadrupled in complexity since the early days of the internet. The power and scale of your business can largely depend on how much effort you put into your website. It’s your “sales guy” working 24/7 to pitch your product, tell your story, and accepted payment!

If this is your first time in the market for a website, your head might explode. We understand. But we can also break it down into extremely easy to understand chunks to help you determine what you need. And by the way, if you haven’t noticed, everyone’s face seems to be stuck in their smartphone these days. Guess what they are doing? That’s right, checking out the mobile-friendly version of someone’s website…or at least we hope so.

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The Mighty, Mighty Pen

Every once in awhile you just need a good writer. When you are carving out a massive online kingdom, it’s going to take a few articles here and there. Search engines have strict guidelines about unique content. The rules are quite clear. Well-written, chunky pieces of content that live on your website, social profiles, and even video descriptions will go a long way in the world wide web.

That’s all there really is to it.

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You have to get the user experience right.

The smallest issue or point of confusion can destroy your potential revenue.

You MUST get the user experience right.

People will buy stuff! They will come back for more!

Or, they will leave IMMEDIATELY if they don’t know what to do!



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